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Minister Coveney Announces up to €2M Support for Farmers Affected by Flood Damage 06 January 2016
Minister Coveney Hosts Meeting of Haulbowline Stakeholders Group, and Announces Details of €61M Core Remediation Works Timetable for Haulbowline Island 08 January 2016
Minister Coveney Announces €18M Funding Programme for Fishery Harbours and Storm Damage Repairs 11 January 2016
Clampdown on Illegal Puppy Trade Continues 12 January 2016
Minister Hayes Launches 'Land Availability for Afforestation - Exploring Opportunities for Expanding Ireland's Forest Resource' 14 January 2016
Coveney Launches €240M Development Programme for Ireland Seafood Sector 14 January 2016
Coveney Welcomes 2016 Action Plan for Jobs 18 January 2016
North South Ministerial Council (Agriculture Meeting) - Joint Communiqué 20 January 2016
Minister Coveney Introduces Management Measures for Non-Commercial Pot Fishing 22 January 2016
Minister Coveney Announces Opening for Applications under the 2016 Nitrates Derogation Online Application System 26 January 2016
Minister Coveney launches the Targeted Animal Health Advisory Service 27 January 2016
Record Numbers join GLAS 28 January 2016
Minister Coveney Announces Further Support for Farmers Worst Affected by Recent Flood Damage 28 January 2016



Coveney Announces €1M Package for Pig Sector and Welcomes Pig Industry Stakeholder Report 01 February 2016
Ireland signs Three Year Partnership Agreement with UN World Food Programme 02 February 2016
Coveney Signs Legislation Providing for Legal Recognition of Producer Organisations in the Beef Sector 04 February 2016
Hayes Launches Forest Neighbourwood Scheme 2016 04 February 2016
Coveney Announces Opening of Egyptian Market for Irish Cattle 15 February 2016
Scheme for Employment of Non EEA Workers in the Fishing Industry Launched Today 15 February 2016
Minister Coveney Launches Department's Schemes and Services Booklet 17 February 2016
Ministers Coveney & Phelan Announce Plans for Female Rural Entrepreneur and Social Farming Initiatives Under CEDRA 19 February 2016
Minister Coveney Announces Details of a €4.5M Capital Programmes for 90 Local Authority Harbours 19 February 2016



Coveney Announces Opening of 2016 Basic Payment Scheme and Greening Online Applications 03 March 2016
Department Announces Extension to Closing Date for Submission of 2016 Nitrates Derogation Applications 08 March 2016
Coveney Hosts Forum of Dairy Sector Stakeholders 09 March 2016
Minister Coveney Announces Extension to Deadline to Complete Certain GLAS Actions Due to Wet Weather 10 March 2016
Forest Fire Risk Warning 14 March 2016
Coveney Welcomes Presidency Conclusions on Proposal for Support Measures for Dairy and Pigmeat Sectors 14 March 2016
Minister Coveney Announces the Commencement of Training Under the Beef Data and Genomics Programme 15 March 2016
Knowledge Transfer Programme 16 March 2016
Department Warns on Illegal Burning 22 March 2016
Coveney - Dog Microchipping to be Compulsory from End of March 29 March 2016
Coveney Announces the Issuing of 2015 Payments Under the Burren Farming for Conservation Programme 29 March 2016



Coveney Voices Strong Irish Concerns on EU Trade Negotiations with Mercosur 06 April 2016
New Traditional Farm Buildings Grants for GLAS Farmers 07 April 2016
€20 Million in Annual Premium Payments to Issue to Forest Owners 08 April 2016
Statement from Minister Coveney on IFA Presidential election 20 April 2016
Department's Nematodirus Advisory Group Issues its Forecast for Spring 2016 to Enable Well-Timed Treatment of Lambs This Spring 20 April 2016
Department Hosts Animal Health Surveillance Forum 28 April 2016



Department Issues Reminder for Basic Payment Scheme Application Deadline 16 May 2016 04 May 2016
Statements on Agriculture Dáil Eireann 4 May 2016 04 May 2016
Statement from the new Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Michael Creed TD 10 May 2016
Minister Creed Announces Payments to Dairy and Pig Farmers 11 May 2016
Creed Welcomes Commission Decision to Remove Beef Quotas from Mercosur Offer 12 May 2016
Minister Creed Urges Further Push Towards Eradication of BVD 12 May 2016
Minister Creed Meets Commissioner Phil Hogan 13 May 2016
Over 100,000 Farmers Apply for BPS Online 17 May 2016
Creed Calls on Commission to Re-Examine the Volume Limit for Fixed Price Intervention for Skimmed Milk Powder 18 May 2016
Minister Creed Launches €100M Knowledge Transfer Group Scheme 18 May 2016
Doyle Announces Capital Investment Approvals of €5.4M Issued to Horticulture Sector 23 May 2016
Creed Announces €300,000 Grant Scheme for Modernisation of Mart Display Screens 23 May 2016
Consultation on Application for Protected Designation of Origin 26 May 2016
Creed Welcomes Extended Dairy Sector Support 27 May 2016
Minister Creed Announces €4.3 Million EMFF Grants to Seafood Processing and Aquaculture Sectors 27 May 2016
Minister Creed Announces Rollout of BPS Preliminary Checks 30 May 2016
Doyle meets Bord na gCon Chairman and CEO 01 June 2016



Doyle Highlights Measures to Encourage Wood Mobilisation 01 June 2016
Minister Creed Confirms Early Delivery on Programme for Government Commitment on Penalty Points Issue 01 June 2016
Minister Creed Introduces Statement of Basic Payment Scheme Entitlements 08 June 2016
Sheep Fencing now included in the TAMS II Schemes 09 June 2016
Minister Creed Welcomes the Opening of Turkish Market for Irish Cattle 15 June 2016
Minister Creed Chairs his First Meeting of the Food Wise High Level Implementation Committee 17 June 2016
Doyle Addresses AGM of Irish Wood Producers Group 17 June 2016
Minister Doyle Addresses 'Taste of Wicklow' Taste of Wicklow Grows in Popularity as 4th Annual Event Takes Place 20 June 2016
Minister Creed Chairs His First Meeting of Dairy Forum 21 June 2016
Creed Hosts National Inshore Fisheries Forum 22 June 2016
Statement on Result of the UK EU Referendum by Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine Michael Creed T.D. 24 June 2016
Basic Payment Scheme Final Balancing Payments Commence 27 June 2016
Creed Calls for Maximum Flexibility in Dairy Aid Package 27 June 2016
Minister Creed Meets with EU Fisheries Commissioner Vella 28 June 2016
Minister Creed Announces Extension to Knowledge Transfer Advisor Registration Deadline 29 June 2016
Minister Creed Invites Applications From Animal Welfare Organisations For Funding In 2016 29 June 2016
Minister Creed Convenes Meeting Of Food Wise High Level Implementation Committee on Brexit. 30 June 2016
Doyle Stresses Importance of Forest Certification 30 June 2016
Government Strengthens Focus On Developing The 'Blue Economy' 01 July 2016



Minister Creed Welcomes the Success of the Seafest Maritime Festival in Galway Last Weekend 04 July 2016
Minister Creed Meets with Minister McIlveen at the North South Ministerial Council 05 July 2016
Creed Welcomes Decision of US Authorities to Extend Irish Beef Approval to Manufacturing Beef Intended for Grinding 06 July 2016
Creed Addresses First Meeting of Brexit Consultative Committee 07 July 2016
Doyle Presents Third Level Student Wood Awards 07 July 2016
Minister Creed Launches Steps to Success 2016, the First Annual Progress Report on Food Wise 2025 13 July 2016
Minister Creed Launches: A Climate-Smart Pathway for Irish Agriculture Development - Exploring the Leadership Opportunity 14 July 2016
Creed Welcomes Flexibilities in €500 Million Commission Aid Package 18 July 2016
Department Publishes Results of National Residue Plan 18 July 2016
Creed Welcomes Positive Decision by US on Sheepmeat Imports 19 July 2016
Consultation on Application for Protected Geographical Indication 19 July 2016
Minister Creed Launches Annual Review and Outlook for Agriculture, Food and the Marine 20 July 2016
First Projects Approved Under the GLAS Traditional Farm Buildings Scheme 20 July 2016
Doyle Attends GLAS Horticultural and Amenity Landscape Event 21 July 2016
Creed Chairs Beef Forum 22 July 2016
Minister Creed Seeks Proposals under CEDRA Initiative to Advance Social Farming 22 July 2016
€6.32M EU Funding Secured for Agri-Food Research & Innovation Projects under Horizon 2020 22 July 2016
Ireland Provides €20m Funding to UN World Food Programme and €100,000 Funding to UN FAO Emergency Fund 25 July 2016
Creed Expresses Sympathy at Passing of JT McNamara 26 July 2016



Doyle Opens the Tinahely Agricultural Show 02 August 2016
Department Announces Interim Nitrogen and Phosphorus Statements 04 August 2016
Doyle Opens the Tullamore National Livestock Show 2016 15 August 2016
Consultation on Application for Protected Geographical Indication 17 August 2016
Creed Announces "Significant Opportunity for New Female Entrepreneurs in Rural Areas" 24 August 2016
Creed Welcomes Agreement on €500m EU Aid Package for Farmers 26 August 2016
Creed Announces Commencement of Fisheries Local Development Strategies 30 August 2016
Creed Welcomes Protected Designation Status for Oriel Sea Salt and Oriel Sea Minerals 31 August 2016



Creed Announces New Members to the Board of the Irish National Stud 02 September 2016
Creed Attends Meeting of EU Agriculture Ministers in France 02 September 2016
Creed Announces Details of Milk Supply Reduction Scheme 02 September 2016
Statement by Minister Creed on the Seizure of Pomeranian Puppies in Dublin Port 02 September 2016
Ministers Creed and Doyle Lead Major Irish Agri-Food Trade Mission to Asia 02 September 2016
Minister Doyle Opens Irish Agri-Food Trade Mission to Vietnam 05 September 2016
Minister Creed Announces Opening of Windblow Reconstitution Scheme 05 September 2016
Doyle Enhances Ireland-Vietnam Collaboration on Agri-Food on Day Two Of Trade Mission 06 September 2016
Creed Welcomes Progress on Beef Access Application 07 September 2016
Creed Commences Trade Mission to China & Singapore. Doyle Moves onto Next Leg of Trade Mission in South Korea 07 September 2016
Creed Jointly Hosts Major Irish Food Seminar with Chinese Minister in Beijing 08 September 2016
Creed Continues Trade Mission to Asia with a Series of Irish Food and Drink Promotion Events in Shanghai 09 September 2016
Creed & Doyle Conclude Highly Successful Asian Trade Mission 10 September 2016
Creed Announces €12m Basic Payment Refund to 98,000 Farmers 13 September 2016
Creed Calls for Comprehensive Response to the Need to Strengthen Farmers' Position in the Food Supply Chain 13 September 2016
Doyle Encourages Forest Owners to 'Talk Timber' 15 September 2016
Minister Creed Launches Public Consultation on "Reaching New Heights" 16 September 2016
Creed Launches Genomic Evaluations for BDGP Participants 16 September 2016
Minister Creed Reminds All Beef Data and Genomic Programme (BDGP) Farmers of Urgent Need to Complete Carbon Navigator to Receive BDGP Payment 19 September 2016
Creed Announces Payments Worth Over €140 Million Under 2016 Areas of Natural Constraints Scheme 20 September 2016
Rural Development and Farm Diversification Promoted in New Initiative Launched by Minister Doyle 20 September 2016
Doyle Presents Wood Fuel Quality Assurance Scheme Certificate to Clearpower 20 September 2016
Minister Creed Announces Meeting of Tillage Sector Stakeholders 21 September 2016
Minister of State Andrew Doyle Announces the Opening of Financial Approvals for the Afforestation Schemes 21 September 2016
Minister Creed Highlights World Food Day Activities for Schools 23 September 2016
Minister Creed Launches Major New Marine Projects in Killybegs - €30m Fishmeal Plant, €2.9m Small Craft Harbour 26 September 2016
Minister Creed Opens Atlantic Stakeholders Conference at Croke Park Key Fisheries & Marine Issues Discussed in Bilateral Meeting with Commissioner Karmenu Vella 27 September 2016
Creed Announces Interim Arrangements for Commonage Management Plans under GLAS 27 September 2016
Department Highlights the Importance of Continuing Vigilance Against Rabies on World Rabies Day 2016 28 September 2016
National Farmed Animal Health Strategy for Ireland Consultation Process Launched 28 September 2016
Creed Officially Launches Bord Bia's "Thinking House" 29 September 2016
Department of Agriculture Food & Marine Confirms New Supply Process for Bovine Ear-Tags Until 2018 30 September 2016



Creed Announces Details of Second Round of Milk Supply Reduction Scheme 03 October 2016
Early Payment of Basic Payment Scheme Confirmed at Tillage Sector Stakeholders Meeting 05 October 2016
Burren Programme Opens - Conserving the Unique Heritage, Environment and Communities of the Burren 07 October 2016
Focus On Incomes & Brexit in €150 Million Low Interest Loan Fund & €120 Million Increased Spend - Creed 11 October 2016
Minister Creed Announces Plans for €150 Million 2.95% Interest Agri Cash Flow Support Loan 11 October 2016
Doyle Welcomes Budget 2017 Allocation for Forestry, Horticulture, Organics and Greyhound Sectors 11 October 2016
Department Urges TAMS II Applicants to Submit Claims 12 October 2016
Minister Creed Welcomes Opening of Iranian Market to Irish Sheepmeat 14 October 2016
Creed Launches New Fund for Innovative Partnership's between Farmers, Scientists, Advisors & NGO's 14 October 2016
Creed Continues Post Brexit Trade Efforts in Paris & London 17 October 2016
Minister Creed Announces Advance Payment of €714m Under the 2016 Basic Payments Scheme 17 October 2016
Ireland Hosts International Mackerel Negotiations in Clonakilty - €1 Billion Industry 18 October 2016
Department of Agriculture, Food & the Marine Announces Results of Phase 2 of The EU Milk Voluntary Supply Management Scheme 18 October 2016
Minister Creed Launches Public Consultation on the Economic Review of The Irish Harness Racing Sector 19 October 2016
Minister Doyle Launches Timber Forecast and GIS Portal 19 October 2016
Creed Welcomes Deal Giving Irish Fishermen Mackerel Quota Worth €86 Million for 2017 19 October 2016
Minister Doyle Launches the Farm Hazardous Waste Collection Campaign 2016 21 October 2016
Minister Creed Announces Publication of the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine's Second Scheme Under the Official Languages Act 2003 24 October 2016
Foilsiú an Dara Scéim de Chuid na Roinne Talmhaíochta, Bia agus Mara faoi Acht na dTeangacha Oifigiúla 2003 Fógartha ag an Aire Creed. 24 October 2016
Minister Creed Announces an Extension to the End of November for Beef Data and Genomic Programme (BDGP) Farmers to Complete their Carbon Navigator 25 October 2016
Creed Launches Inshore Fisheries Forums Website 25 October 2016
North South Ministerial Council Agriculture Meeting - Joint Communiqué 26 October 2016
Minister Creed T.D. Statement on Appointment of Ms Tara McCarthy as CEO of An Bord Bia 27 October 2016
Andrew Doyle T.D. Launches COFORD Publication - Broadleaf Forestry in Ireland 28 October 2016
Seolann Andrew Doyle T.D. Foilseachán COFORD - Foraoiseacht Leathanduilleach in Éirinn 28 October 2016



Minister Creed Announces €12 million EMFF Funding for 7 Fisheries Local Action Groups 01 November 2016
Creed Kicks Off Major Trade Mission to Morocco and Algeria 02 November 2016
Minister Creed Launches the Third Tranche of GLAS 02 November 2016
Creed Holds High Level Talks in Morocco on First Day of Irish Agri-Food Trade Mission to North Africa 03 November 2016
Creed Visits Agadir Region of Morocco on Day 2 of North Africa Trade Mission 04 November 2016
Irish Agri-Food Trade Mission to North Africa Concludes in Morocco and Moves to Algeria 05 November 2016
Irish Agri-Food Trade Mission to North Africa Concludes in Algiers - "Existing Markets with Significant Potential for Expansion" 08 November 2016
Doyle Launches New Training Course for Forest Machine Operators in Ballyhaise Agricultural College - State of the Art Forestry Harvester/Forwarder Simulator 09 November 2016
Seolann Doyle Cúrsa Oiliúna Nua d'Oibritheoirí Meaisín Foraoise i gColáiste Talmhaíochta Bhéal Átha hÉis - Buainteoir Foraoiseachta den Chineál is Úire / Ionsamhlóir Seoltóra 09 November 2016
Doyle Launches Investment Aid Scheme for the Commercial Horticulture Sector 11 November 2016
Seolann Doyle Scéim Chabhair Infheistíochta don Earnáil Gairneoireachta Tráchtála 11 November 2016
Liver Fluke Forecast November 2016 14 November 2016
Creed Discusses discards ban and continues preparation for December Fisheries Council - Minister holds Bilateral with his french Counterpart Alain Vidalies 15 November 2016
Doyle Encourages Forest Owners to 'Talk Hardwoods' 15 November 2016
Creed Welcomes Commission Study on Impact of Future Trade Agreements on the Agricultural Sector 15 November 2016
Minister Creed Welcomes Important Step in Low-Cost Agriculture Loan Scheme 16 November 2016
Major Step Forward for Hen Harrier and Freshwater Pearl Mussel Schemes 16 November 2016
Creed Announces Funding of €445,000 for Initiatives to Promote and Develop Agri-Food Tourism Projects in Rural Areas 17 November 2016
Creed Chairs Meeting of Beef Forum 18 November 2016
Doyle Presents Wood Awards Ireland 2016 18 November 2016
Minister Creed Urges Farmers to use Antibiotics Responsibly on European Antibiotics Awareness Day 18 November 2016
Molann An Taire Creed D'fheirmeoirí Antaibheathaigh A Úsáid Go Freagrach Ar Lá Feasachta Eorpach Maidir Le Húsáid Antaibheathach 18 November 2016
Minister Creed Announces Commencement of the Economic Review of the Irish Harness Racing Sector 18 November 2016
Fógraíonn an tAire Creed Tosú Athbhreithnithe Eacnamaíocha ar Earnáil Rásaíocht Chapall Úma na hÉireann 18 November 2016
Minister Creed Announces "Succession Farm Partnership Scheme" 22 November 2016
Fógraíonn an tAire Creed `Scéim Chomhpháirtíocht Feirme i gcomhair Comharbais' 22 November 2016
Seanad Statements on the Horticulture Industry 23 November 2016
Minister Creed Appoints a New Chair of the Commonage Implementation Committee 23 November 2016
Minister Creed Launches Public Consultation Process on Draft Adaptation Plan for The Agriculture and Forest Sector 24 November 2016
Creed Announces Major €21M Integrated Harbour Development Project in Castletownbere 25 November 2016
Doyle Welcomes Opening of Dunmore East Neighbourwood Project 25 November 2016
Department Reminder to Submit Genotyping Samples and Survey Data, and Complete Carbon Navigator, in Order to Secure December Payment under Beef Data and Genomics Programme (BDGP) 28 November 2016
Doyle Welcomes Initiative to Facititate Forest Certification 28 November 2016
Department reminds Farmers that TAMS II Payment Claims Should be Submitted Online 29 November 2016
Payments under the 2016 Young Farmers' Scheme Commence 30 November 2016
Creed confirms €1.12bn paid to date under Basic Payment Scheme 30 November 2016



Creed Stresses Irish Brexit Priorities to UK Counterpart Andrea Leadsom 01 December 2016
Doyle Urges People to Buy a Real Irish Christmas Tree 05 December 2016
Molann Doyle do Dhaoine Fíorchrann Nollag Éireannach a Cheannach 05 December 2016
Minister Creed announces payments under €3m Protein Aid Scheme 07 December 2016
Irish farmers can avoid Nitrates Stocking Rate Penalties 07 December 2016
Department wins Civil Service Digital Excellence Award for delivery of BPS System 07 December 2016
Creed Chairs Meeting of Dairy Forum - Grounds for Cautious Optimism in 2017 07 December 2016
Doyle addresses major food and drinks seminar in Paris France remains Ireland's third biggest Food and Drink Export Market 09 December 2016
Department encourages farmers and planners to submit GLAS 3 applications on time - Reminder to advisors to optimise their marks for the selection process to aid their chances of approval 09 December 2016
Creed's Concern on Quota Cuts Ahead of Annual EU Fisheries Negotiations - Quota cuts of up to minus 68% proposed for key whitefish stocks 12 December 2016
Creed secures 233,500 tonnes of fish quotas, worth €280m for Irish Fishermen for 2017 14 December 2016
Minister Creed announces commencement of payments worth €36m under the Beef Data and Genomics Programme (BDGP) 14 December 2016
Creed further supports drive towards BVD eradication 15 December 2016
Minister Creed announces grant awards of over €28m for Agri-Food, Marine and Forest Research 15 December 2016
Minister Doyle announces grant awards for Forest Research 15 December 2016
Creed hosts first All-Island Civic Dialogue for the Agri-Food Sector - €1.6m extra resources for Bord Bia on Brexit related activities 16 December 2016
Minister Creed reminds dog owners of the rules on microchipping dogs, and advises people to think carefully before giving a dog as a present, in advance of Christmas 16 December 2016
Minister Creed launches Open Call for proposals under the European Innovation Partnerships Initiative 16 December 2016
Seolann an tAire Creed Gairm Oscailte Tograí faoin Tionscnamh um Chomhpháirtíochtaí Eorpacha sa Nuálaíocht 16 December 2016
2016 Sheep and Goat census forms in the post 16 December 2016
Foirmeacha um áireamh Gabhar agus Caorach 2016 sa phost 16 December 2016
Minister Creed launches new €25m Sheep Welfare Scheme 16 December 2016
Confirmation of outbreak of Avian Influenza in a poultry flock in Lincolnshire 17 December 2016
Deimhniú ráig de Fhliú Éanúil in ealta éanlaithe clóis i Lincolnshire 19 December 2016
Minister Creed announces funding of €2,460,500 to Animal Welfare Organisations 20 December 2016
Creed Appoints Independent Aquaculture Licensing Review Group 20 December 2016
Ceapann Creed Grúpa Athbreithnithe neamhspleách um Cheadúnú Dobharshaothraithe 20 December 2016
Creed Announces €725,000 Payments under the Traditional Farm Buildings Scheme 21 December 2016
Fógraíonn Creed Íocaíochtaí de €725,000 faoin Scéim um Fhoirgnimh Feirme Traidisiúnta 21 December 2016
Minister Creed announces commencement of 2016 GLAS and AEOS payments - €117 million agri-environment payments being paid in December. 21 December 2016
Creed provides advance funding of €20m to the UN World Food Programme 23 December 2016
Department Issues Housing Notice for Birds as a Precautionary Measure Against Avian Influenza 23 December 2016
Minister launches 2017 as Year of Sustainable Grassland 28 December 2016
Department Confirms Avian Influenza H5N8 in a Wild Bird in County Wexford 30 December 2016