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Consultation on Application for Protected Geographical Indication

The Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine has launched a national consultation on an amendment application for “Imokilly Regato” cheese, an existing Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) which was registered on 05th October 1999 under the European Union’s PDO/PGI quality regime. Amendments have been made to the specification clarifying the product description and production, which now includes blocks as well as wheel shaped rolls.

The PDO/PGI quality regime recognises and protects foods with a unique link to a distinct geographical area, benefitting local economies and food tourism. 

“Imokilly Regato” is manufactured in Mogeely, Co. Cork. The description for this amendment is set out at

On completion of the national consultation, the application will be forwarded to the European Commission for review in accordance with Council Regulation (EC) No 1151/2012.

Interested parties may submit comments on the amendment application up to Monday 12th September 2016 by email to or write to the GI Unit, Food Division, Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Kildare St. Dublin, 2.

The Department is also available to provide information on potential eligibility of products for PDO/PGI status [email: ; tel: 01-6072371]

Note for Editor

“Imokilly Regato” cheese is mainly exported to Greece.

Geographical Indications are a type of intellectual property, protecting food product names which are linked to a particular territory or to a production method.  Regulation (EU) No. 1151/2012 (Official Journal L343 of 2012 ) sets out how applications for entry on the PDO/ PGI register must show how the characteristics of the region – topographic, savoir faire, reputation, natural resources – have an impact on the characteristics of a particular product.  Registration affords producers in that area protection against imitation and use of the name outside the region.   

-          PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) for products with a strong link to the defined geographical area where they are produced

-          PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) for agricultural products and foods linked to a geographical area where at least one production step has taken place.

Ireland has five PDO/PGI food products -Clare Island Salmon, Connemara Hill Lamb, Imokilly Regato, Timoleague Brown Pudding, and Waterford Blaa/ Blaa.

The European Commission has published applications for PDO status for “ ORIEL SEA SALT “ and “ ORIEL SEA MINERALS “ in the Official Journal ( C141 and C155 published on 12th April and 30th April 2016 respectively) for EU consultation, the next step following national consultation and examination by the European Commission  in the journey to recognition as PDO products.

Spirits drinks: (EC) No 110/2008 (Official Journal L39 of 2008) lays down rules on Geographical Indications (GIs) of spirit drinks.  Three Irish products - Irish Whiskey, Irish Cream and Irish Poitín – are registered GIs.  


To view this Press Release as a PDF: DAFMPR 91/2016 (pdf 413Kb) 

Date Released: 17 August 2016