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Creed announces commencement of GLAS 2017 balancing payments

The Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Michael Creed T.D., has announced the commencement this week of the 2017 balancing payment to GLAS participants. The balancing payment represents the final 15% of the 2017 scheme-year payment and completes the total payment for GLAS actions undertaken last year. This week’s payment run is worth over €17.5m in to 28,000 farmers in the GLAS scheme with a further significant payrun planned for next week.

Commenting on the payments the Minister said “I am delighted to be commencing these GLAS balancing payments to 28,000 farmers and to be doing so two months earlier than last year. This comes on top of over 99% of all eligible GLAS participants already being fully up to date with their payments under the scheme. My Department committed at the start of the year to achieving this milestone in mid-May and I am very pleased to be delivering it now as promised.  This closes out the payment for actions last year to these participants. Our priority now is to continue to make payments to other applicants as they become eligible and we will continue to make weekly payments”. 

While the Department expects to pay 28,000 farmers the balancing payment this week, a significant number (c. 17,000) of GLAS participants need to complete the requirements under the scheme before they can be paid. The most significant outstanding issue for these applicants is the submission of a Farm Nutrient Management Plan (NMP) for GLAS 3 participants.  There are also cases where a Commonage Management Plan (CMP) on the online CMP system needs to be finalised and a smaller number of cases where GLAS 1 and 2 participants have not yet completed their GLAS Training. Participants with outstanding actions have been contacted directly to advise them of how they can proceed.

Commenting on these issues, the Minister concluded “I would encourage all participants to arrange with their advisor to have these outstanding actions completed as soon as possible so that we may make the payment to them. Today’s announcement means that the GLAS scheme has now paid out over €53m to Irish farmers since the start of the year and over €350m since its commencement. This is a significant boost to on-farm cashflows especially this year”

Note for editors

  • The GLAS balancing payment is worth an average of €623 to each participant and is the final 15% of their 2017 payment.
  • 1,410 participants remain ineligible to receive their 2017 advance payment. The main issues that are preventing these payments from issuing are:
  • NMPs and CMPs not yet submitted as required;
  • Non-completion by GLAS 1 and II participants of their obligatory GLAS training.
  • Approx 17,000 participants are considered ineligible to receive the balancing payment due to outstanding requirements on their part. There are a number of issues that make these participants ineligible for their balancing payment; including:
  • 2017 Advance payments must be processed for payment before a balancing payment can issue (approx. 1,400 cases)
  • Submission of an NMP by GLAS III participants (approx. 7,500 cases)
  • Submission of a Common Management Plan (approx 7,100 participants)
  • DAFM runs a dedicated GLAS helpline which can be contacted at on Tel: 0761 064451.
  • Any queries in relation to the CMP system can be forwarded to . GLAS Training can be contacted at .




Date Released: 18 May 2018