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Minister Creed welcomes roll-out of rental weighing scales for new €25 million Beef Scheme

The Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Michael Creed T.D. today welcomed the roll-out of rental scales that participants in the Beef Environmental Efficiency Pilot (BEEP) scheme can use to record cow and calf weights as part of the Pilot.


Minister Creed said, “I am pleased to see that rental scales are now being made available for this new €25 million Pilot at a range of marts and co-operatives across the country. Participating farmers that do not have their own scales will be able to access scales from some 70 ICOS affiliated Marts and Co-ops for weighing their eligible cows and calves to meet their requirements under BEEP. This Pilot is another important component in Ireland’s drive to continually improve the quality and efficiency of the national beef herd.”


ICBF has been registering privately owned scales and accepting weight records from participating beef farmers since the 8th of March. Some 1,700 individuals have already registered privately owned scales and some 30,000 weights have already been recorded. Rental scales are now being made available at locations across the country to allow farmers who have no access to privately owned scales to meet their requirements under the Pilot. 


The roll-out of rental scales is in conjunction with the release of smartphone applications for both Android and Apple devices that will facilitate the quick and accurate submission of weight records.  

Participants in the Pilot should weigh eligible animals on their own holding before the calves are weaned, and they should be weighed individually and on the same day.Weights must be submitted between 8 March and 1 November 2019.

There are two options available for the recording of weight data as part of BEEP. These are:

(i)                  where a farmer can use their own scales or one belonging to a third party and

(ii)   a rental model, whereby participants rent scales from an approved field service agent to undertake the BEEP weight recording process.

Weights may be submitted online, by smartphone application or on a paper form available from ICBF.

Full details are available on the ICBF site


Information for Editors:

The Beef Environmental Efficiency Pilot (BEEP) is an Exchequer funded, voluntary initiative of one year’s duration.

The objective of BEEP is to further increase economic and environmental efficiency in the suckler herd though improvement in the quantity and quality of performance data that is collected. This will be done through the enhancement of the national herd dataset for genetic evaluations, with a view to supporting the adoption of best practice and more informed decision making at farm level. The Pilot will target the weaning efficiency of suckler cows and calves through the collection of the live weights of cows and progeny in the herd of each participant.


18,834 beef farmers have applied to participate in the Pilot, and they will receive payment of up to €40 per eligible calf provided they comply with the requirements to weigh each animal and provide the requisite data to ICBF in accordance with the Terms and Conditions.


Further information on the Pilot, including the Terms and Conditions, is available at  

Minister Creed welcomes roll-out of rental weighing scales for new €25 million Beef Scheme




Date Released: 03 May 2019