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Department Publications 2007

Guidelines relating to the application for and the issue of Farm Consolidation Certificates by Teagasc (doc 35Kb)  or (Adobe Actobat file 30KB) (pdf 30Kb)  

Compendium of Irish Agricultural Statistics 2007

Quality Food Founded on Science (FIRM 2007 Research Achievements) (pdf 2,621Kb) 

Expenditure Review of the Scheme of Investment Aid for Farm Waste Management operated by the Department of Agriculture and Food (doc 1,301Kb) 

List of Classified Seed Potato Crops 2007 (amended) (pdf 781Kb)  First published on 16/11/2007, amended edition published on 26/11/2007

NATURALLY IRELAND - A Guide to Agriculture, Fisheries and Food

Winter Cereal Varieties - Irish Recommended List for 2008 (doc 142Kb) 

AgriVision 2015 Progress Report (pdf 941Kb) 

Tuarascáil Dhul Chun Cinn Agraifhís 2015 (pdf 1,031Kb)  

Annual Output Statement 2007 (doc 152Kb)  

Ráiteas Bliantúil Aschuir 2007 (doc 128Kb)  

Annual Report of the Audit Committee of the Department of Agriculture and Food 2006 (pdf 201Kb) 

Annual Report of the Minister of Agriculture and Food 2006 (pdf 2,283Kb) 

Tuarascáil Bhliantúil an Aire Talmhaíochta agus Bia 2006 (pdf 1,911Kb) 

Annual Review and Outlook 2006/2007 (pdf 3,148Kb) 

Athbhreithniú agus Forbhreathnú Bliantúil 2006/2007 (pdf 3,069Kb) 

Biodiversity - DAF actions to promote biodiversity

CMMS Statistics

Department of Agriculture and Food Laboratory Service

Expenditure Review Laboratory Testing Requirements for Plant Health, Feedingstuffs, Fertilisers, Forestry and Crops (doc 1,838Kb)  

 Expenditure Review Appendices (doc 1,290Kb) 

Fact Sheet on Irish Agriculture - October 2007 (doc 1Kb) 

(downlaod Adobe Acrobat version) (pdf 1Kb) 

Grass and Clover Recommended List - Varieties for Ireland 2007 (pdf 534Kb) 

National Catalogue of Agricultural Plant Varieties 2007 (doc 1,220Kb) 

Pedigree Sheep Breed Improvement Programme (pdf 387Kb) 

Spring Cereal Varieties Irish Recommended List 2007 (doc 153Kb) 

The Official Journal of National Plant Variety Rights

Veterinary Laboratories Disease Surveillance Report 2006 (pdf 1,010Kb)