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Annual Report 2007


Department's 2007 Developments under Goals 1-6

1. Agri-Food Development and Trade in a National and International Framework (pdf 3,254Kb) 

  • EU and International Negotiations
  • National Policy Developments
  • Food Industry
  • Innovation
  • Commodity Reports

2. Food Safety, Animal Health and Welfare, Plant Health (pdf 1,129Kb) 

  • Food Safety
  • Animal Identification and Traceability
  • Animal Welfare
  • Animal Health
  • Laboratory Reports
  • Plant Health

3. Rural Economy and Environment (pdf 783Kb) 

  • Promoting Sustainable Farming
  • Measures assisting Structural Change

4. Schemes Delivery, Customer Service and Financial Management (pdf 1,054Kb) 

  • Scheme Operations
  • Customer Service
  • Financial Management

5. Operational Capabilities and the Modernisation Agenda (pdf 614Kb) 

  • Organisational and Human Resource Management
  • Developing IT Capability

6. Sea-Fisheries, Aquaculture, Fishery Harbours and Coastal Zone (pdf 1,018Kb) 

  • Major Developments in 2007
  • Environmental and Conservation Management
  • Harbour and Coastal Zone Development

7. APPENDICES (pdf 385Kb) 

  • A State Bodies
  • B 2007 Financial Statements
  • Vote 31
  • National Development Plan
  • EAGF Guarantee Fund

Please click here for Statement of Strategy Volume II (pdf 2,446Kb)