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Table of Contents


Chapter One:

The Agri-Food Sector in the National Economy

1.1 The National Economy

1.2 Contribution of the Agri-Food Sector to the Economy

1.3 Public Expenditure

1.4 Agricultural Situation in Ireland

1.5 Outlook for Agriculture

Chapter Two:

Farm Income

2.1 Introduction

2.2 Farm Income in 2010

2.3 National Farm Survey 2009

2.4 Off-farm Employment Income

2.5 Direct Payments

2.6 Total Farm Household Income

2.7 Low Income Households

Chapter Three:

Agricultural Commodities and Inputs

3.1 Overview

3.2 Milk

3.3 Cattle

3.4 Sheep & Lambs

3.5 Pigs

3.6 Poultry & Eggs

3.7 Cereals

3.8 Horticulture & Potatoes

3.9 Intermediate Consumption in Agriculture (Inputs)

Chapter Four:

Farm Structures

4.1 Overview

4.2 Farm Numbers and Farm Size                        

4.3 Age Profile of Farmers                             

4.4 Off-farm Employment                            

4.5 Labour Input                                

4.6 Employment and Labour Input                    

4.7 Land Prices and Land Mobility                                 

4.8 Investment, Borrowings and Interest in Agriculture            

4.9 Competitiveness of Irish Farms

Chapter Five:

The Food Industry

5.1 Overview                                 

5.2 Size and Structure of the Food and Drinks Sector             

5.3 Exports of Food and Drink                        

Chapter Six:

The Consumer

6.1 Overview                                

6.2 Food Prices                                

6.3 Food Consumption                            

6.4 Retail Sector Price Surveys                        

6.5 Consumer and Retail Trends                        

6.6 Maintaining Confidence in the Food Chain                

Chapter Seven:

EU and International Agriculture Policy

7.1 Overview                                 

7.2 Benefits of the CAP to Ireland                         

7.3 International Comparisons of Agricultural Support            

7.4 EU and International Agricultural Policy Developments and Outlook

Chapter Eight:

National Context

8.1 Overview                                 

8.2 Rural Development Programme 2007-2013                

8.3 Health Check and the European Economic Recovery Package        

8.4 Food Harvest 2020                                

8.5 Estimates 2011                                

8.6 Income Tax Yield From Farmers                        

8.7 The Net Contribution of the Agri-Food Sector to the Inflow of Funds into Ireland     

Chapter Nine:

The Environment

9.1 Overview                                

9.2 Nitrates Directive                            

9.3 National Climate Change Strategy                    

9.4 Ammonia Emissions                            

9.4 CAP Reform & Cross Compliance                    

9.5 Rural Environment Protection Scheme                    

9.7 Organic Farming                            

9.8 Farm Waste Management Scheme                    

9.9 Biofuels                                    

9.10 Energy Crops                                

9.11 Biodiversity

9.12 Targeted Agricultural Modernisation Schemes                                

Chapter Ten:


10.1 Overview                                

10.2 Forest Cover in Ireland and the EU-25                    

10.3 Irish Woodflow                                

10.4 Size, Structure and Output of Irish Wood Processing Sector        

10.5 Socio-Economic Contribution of Forestry in Ireland            

10.6 Forest Strategy and Financial Support                     

10.7 Wood Biomass                                

10.8 Forestry and Climate Change

10.9 Outlook for Forestry Sector                        

Chapter Eleven:


11.1 Overview                                

11.2 The Irish Fishing Fleet                            

11.3 Primary Production from Fisheries                    

11.4 Seafood Market and Processing Sector                    

11.5 Employment in the Fisheries Sector                    

11.6 Key Policy Developments

Statistical Annex