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Farm Waste Management Scheme

Payments continued in 2010 under the Farm Waste Management Scheme on the basis of the revised arrangements introduced by the Government in 2009, i.e.:-

(a)    first instalment of 40 per cent in 2009 as claims are approved;

(b)    second instalment of 40 per cent in January 2010; and

(c)    final instalment of 20 per cent in January 2011.

As a result of savings elsewhere in the Department's Vote, the Minister announced that he would pay approx. €100 million by way of the final instalment of 20 per cent to farmers under the Scheme before the end of 2010.   This brought expenditure under the Scheme in 2010 to €298 million and total expenditure, since the Scheme's introduction in 2001, to over €1.2 billion.