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Rural Environmental Protection Scheme

By the end of 2010 there were approximately 29,500 participants in REPS. Some 22,000 farmers continue to farm under REPS 3.  Spending on REPS in 2010 amounted to €321 million. 48,048 farmers received REPS payments in 2010, with approximately 1.26 million hectares or 29% of Ireland's agricultural area being farmed to REPS standards. Over half of all REPS participants are located in counties along the western seaboard, with 21% located in counties Galway and Mayo. REPS schemes continue to deliver enhanced environmental benefits through improved biodiversity and supplementary measures. Participants in REPS 4 must comply with 11 basic compulsory measures.  They also engage in at least two out of a range of twenty-five undertakings designed to increase biodiversity at farm level.  3 set down in EU legislation (Directives and Regulations) on the environment.

The following Tables, from the Teagasc Farm Survey 2009, present key information in relation to both REPS and non-REPS farms.