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EU and International Agriculture Policy - Overview

Notwithstanding the economic downturn of recent years Ireland's progress since accession to the EU can be seen through our continued advance towards becoming a net contributor to the EU. In 2010 total net receipts to Ireland from the EU are expected to be approximately 0.3% of GDP. Net receipts for the last five years have all been less than 0.5% of GDP. Ireland has undoubtedly benefited to a great extent from EU membership, receiving over €30bn in net receipts over the last 20 years. Since joining the EU Net receipts are the equivalent of approximately 2.9% of GDP for the entire period and peaked at 6.2% of GDP in 1991.

The vast majority (circa 70%) of payments in this period were directly related to agriculture, while much of the remaining funding was undoubtedly of indirect benefit to the agriculture sector through regional development and cohesion funding instruments. This Chapter seeks to quantify some of these benefits to the sector through estimation and analysis of the net budget and trade effects of Ireland's participation in the EU. International comparisons of agriculture support are analysed and recent relevant policy developments at EU and international levels are outlined.