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Off-farm Employment Income

The National Farm Survey 2009 estimates that 39% of farm holders had an off-farm occupation. Most of the farmers with off-farm jobs were classified as part-time (in terms of labour input on farm) and had combined farm and non-farm earnings of €31,100. Those with full-time farms and off-farm employment had an average income of €42,600.  Overall average off-farm earnings, for those who had off-farm jobs was estimated to be €24,700 (Figure 2.3), average family farm income for these farms was €7,800 giving a combined income of €32,500.


Of the 65% of farm holders who stated that they had no off-farm income, 40% were estimated to have full-time farms. These full-time farms had an average family farm income of €25,000. The remaining 60% were classified as part-time farms and had no off-farm earnings. These had an average family farm income of €7,000.


On 35% of farms the holder was identified as having an off-farm job. However, it is estimated that on 79% of farms, either the farmer and/or spouse had another source of off-farm income, be it from employment, pensions or social assistance.