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Total Farm Household Income

Data on total farm household income and the gross income of other households obtained from the EU Survey of Income and Living Standards (EU-SILC) 2008 is set out in Table 2.5.

Depending on definition average total farm household income is estimated to be either €61,053 per annum or €53,484 per annum. The former figure is based on a broad definition which classifies any household with an income from farming as a farm household (Table 2.5). Using this definition farm income accounted for 27% of total farm household income. An alternative approach is to restrict farm households to those where either the head of household is a farmer or the head is a retired farmer and there is a least one other farmer in the household (Table 2.6). In such cases, the total farm income figure is estimated to be the lower amount with 37% coming from agricultural activity.

In general, other rural households tend to have similar or lower household incomes than farm households while urban households tended to have higher incomes. The average household income for the State was €60,579.