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Off-farm Employment

The Teagasc National Farm Survey 2009 which represented 102,270 farms  nationally, indicated that 35% of holders and 34% of spouses had an off-farm occupation. In 53% of cases, down from 56% the previous year, either the holder and/or spouse had off-farm employment . The highest incidence of off-farm employment was reported on cattle and tillage farms and spouses were more likely to have off-farm employment on dairy farms, though all farm types showed 50%+ off-farm employment. Overall it is estimated that on 79% of farms either the farmer and/or spouse had another source of off-farm income, be it from employment, pension or social assistance.


Data from the CSO for 2007 suggests that 48% or roughly 61,000  farm holders had off-farm occupations.


[1]The National Farm Survey  excludes farms with less than 2 ESU’s.
[2]The figures are lower than those reported by the CSO which would in part be due to the fact that farms with less than 2 ESU are excluded.