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Forest Strategy and Financial Supports

The Forest Service promotes afforestation as a viable land use for farmers through the provision of planting grants and payment of annual premiums.  In 2010, over €107 million of capital expenditure was invested in afforestation grants and premia (Table 10.4), mainly comprising €27.6 million on Afforestation 1st Instalment Grants, €7.4 million on Afforestation 2nd Instalment Grants and €72.3 million on Afforestation Premium payments.  An additional €6.6 million was spent on other forestry support schemes for forestry and woodland development projects.

A total of €114.5 million in funding for capital and current expenditure has been allocated for the overall forestry programme in 2011.  This should facilitate payment for between 7,500 and 8,000 hectares of new planting.


*Balance of €0.5 million expended on sundry capital expenses.