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Socio-Economic Contribution of Forestry in Ireland

In 2006, an analysis of the socio-economic contribution of forestry in Ireland  was undertaken by Ní Duibháin et al. The report looked at data on the direct, indirect and induced impact of forestry at regional level and undertook three case studies on the perceived benefits or disadvantages of forestry at local level.  Using the multipliers and 2003 data the overall value of forestry to the Irish Economy is estimated to be €472 million and 7,182 in terms of employment. However, there may be some overlap with employment in wood processing, where 12,246 full-time equivalents were associated with three processing sectors (paperboards, sawmills and other wood products) and the related total expenditure (including direct and induced) amounted to €1.65 billion.

The employment multipliers are not unlike the 2004 findings by Bacon and Associates , which suggested that for every five jobs created in forestry, an additional three jobs are supported elsewhere in the economy, thus indicating that forestry supports something of the order of 16,000 jobs in the Irish economy.

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