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Size and Structure of the Food and Drinks Sector

Output- Turnover and Gross Value Added

Early estimates for 2009 from the CSO indicate that the Food and Drink (F&D) sector accounted for approximately €22 billion in turnover or just under one-fifth  of total turnover for all manufacturing industries. This represented a decrease on the 2008 turnover figure which was over €24bn. The food sector (excluding beverages) accounts for circa 88% of turnover in the F&D sector with meat and dairy production accounting for just below one third of turnover. In terms of Gross Value Added (GVA), the meat and dairy sectors account for just less than 16% of the sector's total, while beverages accounted for some 26%. 'Other Foods' which would include processed food products, unsurprisingly accounted for a high proportion of total GVA for the sector at 47% or some €2.7 billion. The composition of output as measured by both turnover and gross value added by broad sector for 2009 is outlined in Figure 5.1.

Figures for GVA and Employment relate exclusively to the food and drink sector whilst figures for exports relate to both processed and unprocessed agri-food produce. Based on CIP 2009 early estimate of €110.7bn turnover for all industries.


The GVA attributable to the food and drink sector was a little under €5.8 billion in 2009 with the food sector component representing just under three quarters of this (74% or €4.3 billion) total. Table 5.2 elaborates on the components of total GVA in the food and drink sector for the most recent Census of Industrial Production data (2009).


Source: CSO 2009 Census of Industrial Production Early Estimates

The meat sector, along with dairying, continues to play a highly important role in the overall food sector, with the other foods category providing a vital source of demand for all indigineous primary production. Focussing on the meat and dairy areas, Figures 5.2 and 5.3 show breakdowns for overall turnover and GVA for the meat sector by its sub-components in 2008. In 2008, the turnover for the entire meat sector decreased by just under 10% compared to the previous year whilst GVA decreased by just under 7%. However, turnover for the beef sector represented over half that of the entire sector and increased by 32% compared with the previous year.