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Compendium of Irish Agricultural Statistics 2013


The 2013 edition of the Compendium of Irish Agricultural Statistics has been compiled by the Economics and Planning Division of the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine. The Compendium was last updated in November 2008.


The Department wishes to acknowledge the assistance of the CSO in producing this Compendium.

CSO: The Central Statistics Office collects, compiles, analyses and disseminates statistical information relating to the economic and social life of Ireland. The CSO maintains a databank of key statistics, including many of the statistics included in this Compendium. In addition to the material provided based on public sources, the CSO tracked down unpublished or difficult-to-find data for inclusion in the Compendium. Many thanks are conveyed to all the individuals concerned.

Other Data Sources:

  • EU-27 comparisons are drawn mainly from the 'EU agriculture - Statistical and economic information – 2011' produced by DG Agriculture. Other tables are from Eurostat
  • National Farm Survey data was provided by Teagasc.
  • Other data sources include the Central Bank of Ireland, the Department of Finance, and DAF itself.
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Economics & Planning Division
Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine
April 2013


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