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RSF Funded Agri-Environment Projects

Project Title Project Co-ordinator Collaborating Institutions Status
RSF 05 204 Assessment of a solid-liquid separation system for pig manure and the influence of pig diet composition of solid and liquid factions (pdf 18Kb)  Dr. Peadar Lawlor Teagasc Moorepark Ongoing
RSF 05 208 Efficient and reliable utilisation of nutrients in animal manures (pdf 17Kb)  Dr. Stan Lalor Teagasc Johnstown Complete
Final Report RSF 05 208 (pdf 458Kb) 
RSF 05 211 An evaluation of the strategies to control ammonia emissions from the land spreading of cattle slurry and cattle wintering facilites (pdf 41Kb)  Dr Gary Lanigan Teagasc Johnstown Complete
Final Report 05 211 (pdf 345Kb) 
RSF 05 224 Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Irish Agriculture (pdf 17Kb)  Dr. David Kenny UCD Ongoing
RSF 06 361 Understanding and reducing methane emissions in ruminants (pdf 9Kb)  Dr. Tommy Boland UCD, Teagasc Grange Ongoing
RSF 06 376 Creating an environmental baseline for the evaluation of irish agri-environmental policy (Agri-Baseline) (pdf 30Kb)  Dr. Gordon Purvis UCD, DAF Johnstown, UL Complete
Final Report RSF 06 376 (pdf 555Kb) 
RSF 06 382 An evaluation of existing and potential measures to sustain an increased biodiversity and water quality on Irish farms (pdf 30Kb)  Dr. Daire O hUallachain Teagasc Johnstown Castle, UCC, UCD Complete
Final Report RSF 06 382 (pdf 523Kb) 
RSF 06 403 Managing soil organic carbon in Irish Agricultural Sytems (pdf 33Kb)  Prof. Michael Jones TCD, Teagasc Oakpark Complete
Final Report 06 403 (pdf 399Kb) 
RSF 07 502 Farm-scale decision support systems: a DSS for sustainable nutrient management (pdf 8Kb)  Prof. Nicholas Holden UCD, Teagasc, University of Ulster Met Eireann Ongoing
RSF 07 511 Productivity of clover-based grassland under organic management and nitrate losses to ground water (pdf 32Kb)  Dr. James Humphreys Teagasc Moorepark, Waterford IT Complete
Final Report RSF 07 511 (pdf 428Kb) 
RSF 07 512 Precision pasture management: impacts on weed control and implications for biodiversity (pdf 34Kb)  Dr. Michael O'Donovan Teagasc Moorepark, UCD, TCD Complete
Final Report RSF 07 512 (pdf 451Kb) 
RSF 07 516 Quantification of the potential of white clover to lower GHG emissions from Irish grassland-based production (pdf 8Kb)  Dr. James Humphreys Teagasc Moorepark, UCC, UCD Complete
Final Report RSF 07 516 (pdf 443Kb) 
RSF 07 517 Mitigation strategies for methane emisions by dairy cows in Irish milk production systems (pdf 8Kb)  Dr. Frank Buckley Teagasc Mooreark, UCD, Agri-Food & Biosciences Inst , NI Ongoing
RSF 07 526 Developments in grazing ruminant intake modelling using sward characteristics and measurement methodologies for grass cultivar eval (pdf 30Kb)  Dr. Michael O'Donovan Teagasc Moorepark & Grange AFBI, DAFF Ongoing
RSF 07 527 Assessing GHG impacts of establishing biomass and biofuel crops (pdf 26Kb)  Dr. Gary Lanigan Teagasc Johnstown & Oakpark TCD, UCD Ongoing
RSF 07 528 Assessing the greenhouse gas budget of eco-tillage and other mitigation options for arable systems (pdf 9Kb)  Prof. Mike Jones Teagasc Johnstown & Oakpark TCD, UCD Ongoing
RSF 07 529 A Coupled Catchment model/Constructed Wetland Decision Support System for predicting, identifying and mitigating nitrate and phosphate losses from agricultural catchment (pdf 35Kb)  Dr. YQ Zhao UCD Ongoing
RSF 07 544 Assessment of the Vulnerability of Ground Water to Pesticide Inputs from Irish Agriculture (pdf 38Kb)  Dr. Enda Cummins UCD, TCD, Teagasc Johnstown Complete
Final Report RSF 07 544 (pdf 435Kb) 
RSF 07 554 An ecological economic analysis of agrobiodiversity in the Irish uplands (pdf 7Kb)  Dr. Tom van Rensburg NUIG Ongoing
RSF 07 559 Onfarm combustion and energy recovery from poultry litter (pdf 8Kb)  Dr. J.J. Leahy UL, UCD, Teagasc Athenry Ongoing
RSF 05 201 Effects of Stocking Rate and Grazing Season Length on Nitrate Leaching from a Vulnerable Soil Typ (pdf 33Kb)  Dr. Deirdre Hennessy Teagasc Moorepark Complete
Final Report RSF 05 201 (pdf 466Kb) 
RSF 05 214 Development of a new nutraceutical and pharmaceutical crop for Ireland (pdf 19Kb)  Prof. Peter Jones UCC Complete
Final Report 05 214 (pdf 409Kb) 
RSF 06 321 Microbially-mediated solubisation of phosporate (P) for sustainable agriculture:influence of low input decision-based manangement practice (pdf 9Kb)  Prof. Fergal O'Gara UCC, IT Carlow, Teagasc Oakpark Complete
Final Report RSF 06 321 (pdf 770Kb) 
RSf 06 372 Nitrous oxide from Irish agricultural grasslands: current emissions and future trends (pdf 36Kb)  Prof. Gerry Kiely UCC, CIT Complete
Final Report RSF 06 372 (pdf 478Kb) 
RSF 06 383 Subsoil and groundwater dentrification (pdf 9Kb)  Dr. Karl Richards Teagasc Johnstown, TCD, NUIG Complete
Final Report RSF 06 383 (pdf 448Kb) 
RSF 07 536 Nutritional and management strategies to reduce nitrogen excretion, ammonia and nitrous oxide emissions from dairy, beef and pig farms (pdf 9Kb)  Dr. Karina Pierce UCD, Teagasc Johnstown Teagasc Kildalton Ongoing
RSF 07 545 New Biodegradeable Hydrogel Materials for the delivery of Nitrification and Urease Inhibitors (pdf 8Kb)  Dr. Denise Rooney NUIM, Teagasc Ongoing
RSF 07 519 Maximising the efficiency of slurry-N and urea-N utilisation by grassland using nitrification and urease inhibitors as a strategy for environmental protection (pdf 8Kb)  Dr. Karl Richards Teagasc Johnstown Castle, Agri-Food & Biosciences Inst (AFBI) Ongoing
RSF 07 525 Novel Agri-engineering solutions for amelioration of surface and ground water at critical source points: technology development and decision support blueprint for Irish Farmers (pdf 36Kb)  Dr. Owen Fenton Teagasc Johnstown, NUIG Complete
Final Report RSF 07 525 (pdf 395Kb) 
RSF 06 380 Studies on the management and utilisation of soiled water and dilute slurry on Irish farms (pdf 8Kb)  Dr. Padraig French Teagasc Johnstown, UCD, NUIG Complete
Final Report 06 380 (pdf 434Kb) 
RSF 07 543 Energy Generation Option for Pig Manure and Safe Disposal of Residue (pdf 8Kb)  Dr. Peadar Lawlor Teagasc Moorepark, Teagasc Grange Teagasc Johnstown, NUIG, AFBI Ongoing
RSF 07 510 Biogeochemistry of Irish Forests (pdf 8Kb)  Dr. Thomas Cummins UCD, Coillte Teo Complete
Final Report RSF 07 510 (pdf 547Kb) 
RSF 07 552 Assessment and mitigation of soil and nutrient losses from acid-sensitive forest catchments (pdf 34Kb)  Dr. Liwen Xiao NUIG, Marine Insitute, Coillte Ongoing
RSF 05 202 Development of a strategy (E-Supply) integrating both liquid and solid biofuels to support the evolution of a non-food crops sector for Irish agriculture (pdf 19Kb)  Dr. Kevin McDonnell UCD Complete
Final Report 05 202 (pdf 454Kb) 
RSF 05 218 The Role of Energy Crops in Energy Supply, Effluent Disposal and Soil Remediation (pdf 17Kb)  Dr. John Finnan Teagasc Oakpark Complete
Final Report 05 218 (pdf 664Kb) 
RSF 05 225 A Sustainable Strategy for Bioethanol Production in Ireland (pdf 17Kb)  Dr. Maria Tuohy NUIG Complete
Final Report 05 225 (pdf 664Kb) 
RSF 06 317 Utilising waste heat from organic animal and food wastes for culture enterprises (Agri-heat) (pdf 35Kb)  Dr. Martin Robinson GMIT, Mbellow Ag College Complete
Final Report RSF 06 317 (pdf 449Kb) 
RSF 06 347 Feasibility of production and combustion of pellets from straw and energy crops (pdf 9Kb)  Dr. John Finnan Teagasc Oakpark, & RERC, UCD, UL Complete
Final Report 06 347 (pdf 489Kb) 
RSF 07 506 Evaluating Irish grassland as a source for bioenergy: Environmental impacts and long-term sustainability (pdf 8Kb)  Dr. Tomara Hochstrasser UCD, Teagasc, Agri-Food & Bioscience Inst. NI (AFBINI) Complete
Final Report RSF 07 506 (pdf 502Kb) 
RSF 07 513 High value products and ethanol from wheat straw and bran: enhancing our understanding and capacity for fungal bioconversion (pdf 9Kb)  Dr. Mojibur Khan UCD, Teagasc Ongoing
RSF 07 522 Field trials and agronomy of oilseed Camelina sativa as a novel low-input crop for Ireland (pdf 9Kb)  Dr. Charles Spillane UCC, Teagasc, UL Ongoing
RSF 07 548 Analysis of the suitability of second-generation technologies (2GTs) for Irish agriculture and the viability and costs of feedstocks: Desk based evaluation supported by limited chemical analysis (pdf 9Kb)  Prof. Michael Hayes UL Ongoing
RSF 07 557 Greengrass: Developing grass for sustainable renewable energy generation and value-added products (pdf 8Kb)  Dr. Joe McEniry Teagasc Grange, QUB, UCC Ongoing