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Trans-National Research Funding

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US-Ireland Research and Development Partnership

Overview of the US-Ireland Research and Development Partnership

The US-Ireland R&D Partnership is a tri-jurisdictional alliance between Ireland, Northern Ireland and the United States which was officially launched in 2006. Its aim is to promote collaborative innovative research projects which create value above and beyond individual efforts. InterTradeIreland provides support, and facilitates arrangements between the various funding partners involved in the US-Ireland R&D Partnership initiatives.

Agriculture and the US-Ireland Research and Development Partnership

Since 2016 the scope of the Partnership has been extended to include agriculture research focused on selected priority areas – this has resulted in Ireland and Northern Ireland based researchers being able to compete with US-based researchers in selected areas.

The following partner agencies provide research funding in the Agriculture thematic area in the US-Ireland R&D Partnership:

It is under the Agricultural and Food Research Initiative (AFRI) Foundation Programme, one of NIFA’s major competitive grant programs through which it addresses critical societal issues, that US-Ireland tripartite applicants have an opportunity to compete for awards, but limited only to the scope of the stated priority areas for the US-Ireland R&D Partnership.

2019 Call

For more detailed information on the latest call see US-Ireland Research and Development Partnership Call in Agriculture 2019

Projects Funded in Previous US-Ireland R&D Calls in Agriculture

Information on the successful projects funded under the 2018 US-Ireland R&D Call in Agriculture, will be updated here when NIFA publish this information in 2019