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Register Entry - T10/279

Alien and Locally Absent Species in Aquaculture in Ireland

The information sheet referred to in Article 4(1) Commission Regulation (EC) No 535/2008

This information sheet is to be filled in for a single/multiple (1) movement (introduction/translocation) of an alien/locally absent species

1. General information
1.1. Number or reference of the application for a permit: T10/279
1.2. First application: YES
1.3. Date of the application for a permit: 20/04/2009
1.4. Data on the species:
1.4.1. FAO code: Alpha Code: HLT Taxonomic Code: 3070300114
1.4.2. Common name: EUROPEAN ABALONE (ORMER)
1.4.3. Scientific name: HALIOTIS TUBERCULATA
1.4.4. Sub-species (if relevant): N/A
1.4.5. Additional information: Tetraploid: YES/NO Fertile artificially hybrid: YES/NO If YES, FAO code and name of the parent species:
1.5.1. Country: FRANCE
1.5.2. Location (name and address of the source): France Haliotis, Lilia, Britany
1.5.3. Type of source (hatchery/on-growing farm/wild): HATCHERY
1.6. Receiving aquaculture facility: Site T10/279 Clew Bay
1.6.1. Location (name and address): SITE AT INISHCORKEY, INNER CLEW BAY, CO. MAYO.
1.6.2. Method of farming: Open aquaculture facility (ORTAC SYSTEM)
1.7. Number of organisms and life stage (eggs, larvae, juveniles, adults): 225,000 max on-site at any one time (Seed and adults)
1.8. Purpose (human consumption, farming for further restocking, research, etc.): HUMAN CONSUMPTION
1.9. Number of movements foreseen: Annual input of 75,000 10mm seed.
2. Screening and risk assessment:
2.1. Type of movement: INTRODUCTION
2.1.1. Routine introduction or translocation: NO Permit approval: Date of the delivery of the permit: Authority issuing the permit (complete address): Duration of the permit: If subject to conditions: Quarantine: Pilot releases:
2.1.2. Non-routine introduction or translocation: YES Type of risk: Low - YES Medium - NO High - NO Summary report of the overall environment risk assessment Enviromental Risk Assesment Summary T10-279 (pdf 199Kb) Permit approval: YES Date of the delivery of the permit: 25/08/2015 Authority issuing the permit: MINISTER FOR AGRICULTURE, FOOD AND THE MARINE, IRELAND Duration of the permit: 10 years If subject to conditions: YES – See Aquaculture Licence Quarantine: NO Pilot releases: NO
3. Monitoring
3.1. Duration of monitoring programme: 10 years (water temperatures)
3.2. Summary of the results of the evaluation of the monitoring programme: This project has not yet commenced.(some lines and a PDF document) also in a second Community language (some lines)
3.3. Contingency plans applied: YES This is a condition of the permit.
3.4. Withdrawal of the permit (if applicable): NO
3.4.1. If YES: Temporarily/permanently N/A
3.4.2. Date: dd/mm/yyyy N/A
3.4.3. Reasons for the withdrawal (some lines) also in a second Community language (some lines):N/A