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This section contains details of New and Renewal Aquaculture/Foreshore Licence Applications.

Public Consultation Periods exist for each application based on the date of the Public Notice in the relevant Newspaper.  Please contact the Aquaculture & Foreshore Management Division for specific deadlines for individual applications as comments received outside the deadline cannot be accepted under the Public Consultation phase.

Galway Bay

Below are links to all the applications in Galway Bay (both Co. Galway and Co. Clare) that are at the Public Notice phase in June 2016

  1. T09/020 Rainer Krause (pdf 617Kb) 
  2. T09/332 Brian Martyn (pdf 823Kb) 
  3. T09/346 David Krause (pdf 697Kb) 
  4. T09/387 James Curtain (pdf 691Kb) 
  5. T09/393 Mattie Joe Larkin (pdf 693Kb) 
  6. T09/414 Thomas Connolly (pdf 595Kb) 
  7. T09/424 Rainer Krause (pdf 674Kb) 
  8. T09/463 Mattie Larkin (pdf 599Kb) 
  9. T09/464 Tony McInery (pdf 632Kb) 
  10. T09/470 Patrick J Martyn (pdf 622Kb) 
  11. T09/474 Irfish Ltd (pdf 655Kb) 
  12. T09/482 James Linnane (pdf 624Kb) 
  13. T09/483 Oliver Fawl (pdf 566Kb) 
  14. T09/491 Galway Shellfish Ltd (pdf 738Kb) 
  15. T08/016 Fergal Langley (pdf 715Kb) 
  16. T08/036 Eamonn Chesser (pdf 1,842Kb) 
  17. T08/063 Pouldoody Aquaculture Ltd (pdf 878Kb) 
  18. T08/074 James Simons & Adrian Keirns (pdf 865Kb) 
  19. T08/084 Dolphin Sea Farms Ltd (pdf 693Kb) 
  20. T08/103 Patrick Mullins (pdf 871Kb) 
  21. T09/374 Michael Irwin (pdf 762Kb) 
  22. T09/375 De Burca Oysters Ltd (pdf 972Kb) 
  23. T09/376 Keane's Seafood Ltd (pdf 667Kb) 
  24. T09/377 Michael Harty & Marion Harty (pdf 654Kb) 

25 - 41

25. T08/055A Mr Martin McKeown

26. T08/078A Mr Gearoid Lyons

27. T08/086A Mr Thomas Blunnie

28. T08/094B Mr Pierce Cooper

29. T08/095 A, B, C & D Mr. Michael Mc Mahon

30. T08/096 A, B, C-East, C-West, D, E, F  Moyasta Oysters Ltd

31.   T08/097 A, B, C, D & E Poulnasherry Oysters Ltd.

32.  T08/098 A, B & C Mr. Brendan Garvey

33.  T08/099 A, B & C Ms. Mairead Mahoney

34.  T08/101 A & B Mr Aidan F.Casey

35.   T08/102 A & B Mr. Michael Egan

36. T08/104A Mr Thomas Blunnie

37. T08/106 A, B, C & D Moyasta Oysters Ltd.

 38.  T08/108A Mr Brendan Garvey

39.  T08/109A Poulnasherry Oysters Ltd., Goleen Shellfish Ltd., Ms. Mairead Mahoney

40.  T08/110 A & B Moyasta Oysters Ltd.

41. T08/093 A & B Mr. John McInerney

42 - 44

42. T08/113A  Moyasta Oysters Ltd Application Form & Maps

43.T08/116A Gerry Keyes Application Form & Maps

44. T087/117A  Rinemac Shellfish Ltd Application Form & Maps

Galway Bay

Below are links to all the applications in Galway Bay (both Co. Galway and Co. Clare) that are at the Public Notice phase in July/August 2019

45.T09/499 A PJ Martyn Application (pdf 4,540Kb)          

46. T09/500 A Thomas Connolly Application (pdf 5,724Kb)          

47.T09/501 A Thomas Connolly Application (pdf 1,061Kb)          

48.T09/503 A Galway Gourmet Oysters (pdf 936Kb)          

49.T09/504 A Michael Irwin Application (pdf 928Kb)          

50.T09/512 A Dara Vaughan Application (pdf 823Kb)          

51.T09/519 A Galway Gourmet Oysters (pdf 787Kb)          

52.T09/520 A Galway Gourmet Oysters (pdf 2,099Kb)          

53.T08/111 A Eamonn Chesser (pdf 6,131Kb)          

54. T08/112 A Eamonn Chesser (pdf 5,811Kb)          

55.T08/114 A Cartron Point Shellfish Ltd (pdf 7,390Kb)          

56.T08/115 A Sliogeisc Siar Teoranta (pdf 795Kb)