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Dunmore East Fishery Harbour Centre

Dunmore East Harbour is a major fishing port situated at the southern end of Dunmore Bay, on the western side of the entrance to Waterford Harbour. The Harbour is exposed to winds from the South East. All Mariners should take extra care and attention during winds from the South East. Dunmore East Harbour is dredged to 3.6 meters below chart datum. The Harbour is busy during the Autumn Herring and Spring Fishing seasons, and a significant number of leisure craft visit the port during the Summer months. There are 54 swing moorings located NW of the Eastern Breakwater light at the entrance to the Harbour. Visiting Cruise Liners anchor off Dunmore East, and tender their passengers to the Eastern Breakwater Visitor’s Pontoon.

Admiralty Chart:



Latitude 52° 08.9N, Longitude 006° 59.3W.

Approach Lights

  • Hook Head Lt Ho, Fl W 3s 46m 18M (52° 07.42N; 006° 55.76W)
  • Dunmore East Starboard Buoy 1, Q.G Range 2NM (52°09.064N, 006°59.382W)
  • Dunmore East Starboard Buoy 3, Fl.G 2s Range 2NM (52°09.00N, 006°59.474W)
  • East Pier Breakwater extension Lt, Fl (3)R10s Range 4NM (52° 08.98N; 006° 59.40W)
  • West Wharf Head Lt, Fl(3)G 10s Range 4NM (52° 08.96N; 006° 59.49W)
  • Dunmore East Pier Head Lighthouse, Fl WR 8s 13m 16/13M (52° 08.93N; 006° 59.37W)


Movement and berthing within the harbour is controlled by the Harbour Master, and visiting leisure craft should make contact for berth allocation prior to arrival. The Ice Berth and the Landing Berths West Wharf and South Pier are to be kept clear at all times. Visiting Leisure Craft should berth on the pontoon inside the East Breakwater. This pontoon is also used by local passenger vessels. No visiting leisure craft should berth on the inner basin fishing pontoons which become very crowded during the summer season.


All Mariners entering Dunmore East Harbour should keep Starboard Hand buoy No. 1 & No.3 on their Starboard side. There are 54 swing moorings located to the NW of the Harbour Entrance. Mariners should also be aware of the pontoon located inside the east pier breakwater extension. This pontoon becomes very busy during the summer months with visiting leisure craft rafting out.

Tidal streams

When the W-going begins off Hook Head and meets the strong outgoing stream from Waterford, over falls which are shown on the chart, can occur across the entrance. When the outgoing stream is the stronger stream, Tower Race can form which extends 1 mile S from the headland and with strong W winds it can be violent.


VHF Ch.16 and 14 when manned, otherwise telephone 087 3455623.


  • East Pier (including Lighthouse Berth) 170 meters.
  • Auction Hall/Landing Berth/South Pier 60 meters.
  • West Wharf (including Ice Berth) 160 meters.
  • East Pier Breakwater visiting pontoon 60 meters. (Depth 1.5 meters Chart Datum) No Bunkering.
  • Harbour dredged to 3.6 meters Chart Datum in 2016.


Not compulsory. 

Vessels 30 meters or more restricted in their ability to manoeuvre.  By arrangement with the Harbour Master.


  • Coast to Coast Oil:  051382797
  • Unecol:   051392400
  • Vale Oil:   051358000

Fresh Water

Available at all piers and pontoons.


Automated ice plant at West Wharf Pier head.


Easily obtained locally.

Marine Mechanics

  • Eddie Hannon: 0861015030
  • Peter Curran: 0862467634
  • Christopher Hannon: 0872574507


A synchrolift capable for lifts of up to 220 tonnes and a transfer system to repair yard is available. All major repairs can be undertaken. Use of synchrolift is by prior arrangement with the Harbourmaster. Users of the syncrolift are required to engage a shipwright for lifting, lowering, and transferal to repair bays.

Port Waste Management Plan for Dunmore East Fishery Harbour Centre:

Contact Harbour Master's Office

Harbour Administration Building,
South Pier,
Dunmore East,
Co. Waterford.

Ms. Deirdre Lane
Harbour Master Mobile
Phone Number: 087 3455623
Telephone Number: 051 312359
Fax Number: 051 383607
E-mail address:

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