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Fish Health

EU Directive 2006/88/EC on animal health requirements for aquaculture animals and products thereof, and on the prevention and control of certain diseases in aquatic animals lays down:

(a) the animal health requirements to be applied for the placing on the market, the importation and the transit of aquaculture animals and products thereof;

(b) minimum preventive measures aimed at increasing the awareness and preparedness of the competent authorities, aquaculture production business operators and others related to this industry, for diseases in aquaculture animals;

(c) minimum control measures to be applied in the event of a suspicion of, or an outbreak of certain diseases in aquatic animals.

The Directive was transposed by Statutory Instrument Number 261 of 2008. This SI establishes the Marine Institute as the Competent Authority for the issuing of fish health authorisations. All aquaculture production businesses require a fish health authorisation to operate. Details of the application procedure can be found on the Marine Institute's website at

This legislation provides a comprehensive risk based approach to disease surveillance and puts in place controls on the movement of potential vector and susceptible species. It also provides a structure for declaring the health status of Member States and areas within them.