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AI station / Bull Submissions

Virology Division is the ONLY official laboratory in Ireland approved for the statutory testing requirements of bovines producing semen for intra-community trade.

The competent authority in control of bovine artificial breeding in Ireland is here.

EU intracommunity trade in bovine semen is governed by Council Directive 88/407 as amended.

All samples sent from AI stations need to be accompanied with a submission form. Full official identification of individual animals is a requirement on all AI station submissions.

AI station submission form (doc 82Kb) 

AI station submission pdform (pdf 232Kb) 

AI station Excel submission form (xls 59Kb) 


Semen requires care and special handling in order to maintain its value as a laboratory test specimen.

Semen submission guidelines (pdf 125Kb)   details points relevant to Virology Division. Contact the laboratory if you are unclear about any point.



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